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Client: FarmRio

Rio de Janeiro + Alter do Chão, 2016

Researcher at FarmRio. The fashion collection research consisted of an immersion trip to the north of Brazil. Together with a local researcher, we guided the style design team on a 5 days experience to visit native communities along the course of the Tapajós River and to attend the sustainable festival called "Festival das Águas" at Alter do Chão. I built a partnership with "Letras Q Flutuam", a social project from Pará that maps the traditional hand-painting work of fishermen's boats. The local painters created an exclusive alphabet that was used in silks and prints in the collection named "O coração é o Norte". 

"reclaiming the past is not a matter of resurrecting it as it was, of dreaming to make some “true,” “authentic” tradition come alive. It is rather a matter of reactivating it" — Isabelle Stengers

Video and photos by FarmRio.

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