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Client: FarmRio

Remote + Salvador, Bahia - 2018

Research consultant for FarmRio. Together with the local researcher Hury Ahmadi, we did a cultural analysis of the creative scene of Salvador. The research consisted of two different immersion trips to the capital of Bahia, guiding the fashion design team from Rio. After an intensive workshop at Oyá Institute, in Salvador, a co-created collection was developed with the local artist Alberto Pitta. Named Ôxe, it was released with the blessing of Gilberto Gil, the internationally famous Brazilian musician with a concert in his hometown.

"the observations, descriptions and propositions of design anthropology are not retrospective but prospective: their purpose is not to interpret but to transform"  — Tim Ingold

Photos of Hury Ahmadi and Ana Gomes. Video and campaign shots by FarmRio.

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